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If Only~   Leave a comment

My husband and I went to Iowa City this morning to Menards.
ON our drive there he said, “Sure wish we were driving to Florida right now”
I said “Me too”
If only.

They said that the temps in Daytona were going to be in the nineties.

That is better than this cold thirty degree crap that we have to deal with.

it is almost the middle of April and we still have freezing temperature.

I could easily quit my job, load up our three younger grandkids and drive to Florida for a week.

I have to take them because their mother starts back to work tomorrow after being off six weeks due to her brain surgery.

if only we could go to Florida.

Darn it.

me too

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Dizzy   Leave a comment

I have a funky headache today.
I feel a bit dizzy, just sitting here and typing this.

Not sure if it is vertigo or something else.

I ate and that seemed to help it for a bit but the headache is back again.

It could be because I haven’t slept yet today after working last night.
But last week I was up for 29 hours and had no ill affects from it.




Did some cleaning and a bit of laundry left over from  yesterday and now I am waiting to have a conference call/ face to face via phones with my doctor.

I was supposed to go in and see her today but because of CoVid 19 they aren’t seeing patients.



Posted April 14, 2020 by Marge in ramblings