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Grandchildren~   Leave a comment

Keira and Kayla came over today and spent about five hours with me.
They just left and went home with their father.

It is always great to see them and with this coronavirus going around it is hard to find time to see them

This morning I was outside and could feel myself getting quite warm in the sun even though it was a very cool windy day.
All afternoon my grand daughters and I were outside and now I can’t get warm.

I assume it is to do with being tired but I think I may have gotten a touch of too much sun too because it always makes me tired.

I love it.

Don’t get me wrong.
The sun brings such warmth and comfort to me.

I worked in the yard a bit today too.
Sure wish the seventies would come back and stay.

Not sure when I will see Keira and Kayla again.

Probably not for another week or more.



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Spring   Leave a comment


Flowers are blooming and for a few days it felt like spring had finally arrived


But alas we are cold again with strong northern winds and cold temperatures 8629b37bdd059b034748bccaa3e09a85

I know one of these days the warmer temperatures will stay

Just have to be patient



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