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I have no idea what to say today.

I have been sick with a cold and slept twenty two hours yesterday and slept sixteen hours last night.
Yep you heard right sixteen hours.

I feel better.

Still weak but better.

I have to work the next two nights so I have to feel better for that.


This coronavirus is depressing and sad.

I know we have to do what is needed to keep the virus from spreading but the cabin fever seems almost overwhelming at times.

I go out to my daughter’s house and work but I miss going out to eat, I miss just being out.

Of course this damn weather is depressing as well.

WE get a very warm weekend and then go back to this depressing cold crap.

Yes I realize it is barely spring and only March 20th but still……

I am so ready for warmer weather as I know most everyone is.

However we must wait as we always have to.




Posted March 20, 2020 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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