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I can’t sleep and here will be another night at work, dead tired but not being able to sleep because I am at work.


Why can’t I sleep?
I take Unisome.

I have taken four of them when a person is only supposed to take one.

And still I can’t sleep.


I hate feeling tired all of the time.

I hate not being able to get a decent nap in before working over night.



Sometimes I just want to throw up my hands and be done with it all.




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Had Ava here all day long and while I love her immensely she didn’t get the nap she needed so was quite a bear before she went home.

Her parents don’t make her nap and since Emily came over at eleven, Ava didn’t want to nap.
So no one forced her to.

But as I said, when three o’clock rolled around she was more than ready for a nap.


Rick, Brian and Keira are going to a Alice Cooper concert.
Keira will be thrilled to be invited.

She didn’t get to go last time so this time she will be quite happy to go.
She doesn’t know yet.
Rick will tell her on Saturday when everyone comes over for Emily’s birthday dinner.


Her birthday isn’t until Sunday but Paula will be here on Saturday and leave on Sunday morning so we are going to do it on Saturday night.


The four of them are going to get matching tattoos on Saturday too.
Working four nights a week is much better than working five.

I feel more rested and like I have more of a life then working.

I work tonight and tomorrow night and then don’t have to go back until Sunday night at ten.

Which will be nice.


Sure wish I was going to Florida next week when it is spring break up here.

Darn it.

I of course have no time at work to take off and get paid for and since I just had a week off two weeks ago when Emily had surgery, I can’t ask for time off again.

And I shouldn’t spend the money to go anyway.

It will be there whenever I get back down there to it.





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