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Tomorrow we are celebrating my eldest son’s birthday.

His birthday isn’t until February 25th, but my youngest daughter is having Brain surgery that day so we have to do it earlier.

Brian will be 39

Not sure how it is possible to have a 39 year old but it is.
Our oldest daughter will be 41 here in about 3 weeks.

I must be getting old.

Brian is my quiet laid back son.
He rarely lets anything ruffle his feathers.

He is a hard worker but struggles with money issues (not always making the best choices money wise)

But he is a good man and I love him dearly.

No not more than the other three, but Brian is a kind hearted man who loves his mother and isn’t afraid of showing it.


This was taken on Brian’s wedding day.

this was in 2008

From left to right, Rick, Emily, Brian, Paula, Matt and Me.



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