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Red Head~   1 comment


Wow this was from 2011

I look so very much younger here.


I spent about a month being a redhead.

I actually like the color….

me Feb 14 2020


This one is from just now.
I look so much older and very tired.


Hate looking older…..

Darn it………..


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Majestic~   Leave a comment

eagle and fighter jet

This picture is very powerful and Majestic.

There really is no other words for it.


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It’s Artic~   Leave a comment


the temperatures are unforgiveable in Iowa right now.
Yes it is suppose to warm up but right now it is 12 degrees outside.
It was nine below this morning.

It is crazy and I hate it.


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The Beach~   Leave a comment


My body craves the warmth of the Florida sun.
I long for the sand and waves of Daytona Beach.

I sure wish I was there now.


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Spanish~   Leave a comment

I’m teaching myself Spanish.
I took two years of it in High School so I do know a bit.
However I have three residents at work who are always talking Spanish to me and I don’t know what they are saying.
So I have decided to teach myself.

I have some videos and a few books and while it is some what hard to teach this 58 year old brain something new…..I am going to try…..

A new hobby so to speak….


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I’m Not A Fan~   Leave a comment


Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of Valentine’s day.
Because I don’t think it should take a day on the calendar for people to show their love for others.

Every day should be the day you show someone how much you love and care for them.

Not just because the calendar says so.

Endless amounts of money spent on this one day.
Sort of like Christmas.

People go to horrible lengths spending money to show love on Christmas too.

It is insane.

If every day was spent on showing love and gratitude like it is for Valentine’s day and Christmas just imagine how wonderful this world would be?




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Emily~   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter Emily is having brain surgery on February 25th.

The doctor is going to cut her head open from ear to ear.

She has to shave her head for surgery.

It will be a six hour surgery to remove the lime size cyst on her frontal lobe.

He said he can’t take all of it because it is intertwined with blood vessels but he thinks he can get 99% of it.

God willing it will all be fine and she will make it through and recover nicely.

Her children, Aaron 9, Bailey 5 and Ava 18 months need their mother.
And I know Adam doesn’t want to raise the kids without her.
God willing it will all be fine.

I pray every night that it will be.


From left to right, Matt, Emily, Rick, Me, Paula and Brian

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It’s Not But It Is~   Leave a comment

Tomorrow we are celebrating my eldest son’s birthday.

His birthday isn’t until February 25th, but my youngest daughter is having Brain surgery that day so we have to do it earlier.

Brian will be 39

Not sure how it is possible to have a 39 year old but it is.
Our oldest daughter will be 41 here in about 3 weeks.

I must be getting old.

Brian is my quiet laid back son.
He rarely lets anything ruffle his feathers.

He is a hard worker but struggles with money issues (not always making the best choices money wise)

But he is a good man and I love him dearly.

No not more than the other three, but Brian is a kind hearted man who loves his mother and isn’t afraid of showing it.


This was taken on Brian’s wedding day.

this was in 2008

From left to right, Rick, Emily, Brian, Paula, Matt and Me.


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Stomach Issues~   Leave a comment

This may be too much information but I am having very uncomfortable stomach issues.
I feel like my intestines are twisting around and causing me pain.

Hate when I don’t feel good.

I know what the problem is.

I need to have a bowel movement.
Yes I know too much information.

But there it is…..
Sorry readers…..


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New Author~   Leave a comment

I found a new author that I like a lot.

It is M.M. Chouinard.
She has three books out.
I finished “The Dancing Girls” yesterday and started “Taken To The Grave” tonight.

She also has another one called “My Daughter’s Cry”  that I will read soon.

It is a murder mystery type of book.

Well there is always a serial killer and the main character is Jo Fournier.

A detective trying to solve the cases.

They are entertaining and a decent read.


No nothing wonderful but she writes very well and the stories are enjoyable.
What I wouldn’t give to be able to write like this.



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