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so here is the deal and the reason for the above title……

I have been sleeping for the last two hours, not now though obviously.

Slept great and had no trouble falling asleep.

I wake up as I am rolling from my left side onto my back or to my right side.

Nope, right side is not comfortable at the moment so I roll back to my back.

Out of no where comes this lighting bolt pain in the side of my knee.

I moan with the pain not yet willing to wake up fully and acknowledge that once again my arthritis is going to hit me full force once again.

But unfortunately the longer I lay there the more the lighting bolt pain keeps returning.

I grab the bengay from my night stand and rub it all over my knee, back, front and the sides, especially the left side as that is where the highest level of pain comes from.
Radiates from.

Unfortunately it does no good.

The lighting bolts keep coming.

So I get up, and use the bathroom, because if I don’t…..a half hour or so I will wake up again having to go to the bathroom.

I take ibuprofen for the knee pain.

I lay back down, feeling wide awake, thus I am blogging.

Now mind you I have to be up by four thirty to shower and eat before getting to work at six.


Every morning I struggle with getting up because I am so tired.

Tomorrow morning will be no different

And still I am awake.






Posted January 13, 2020 by Marge in ramblings

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