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It is ten thirty, and I need to go to sleep but it alludes me.

My brain will not stop thinking.

It won’t close shop for the night so I can sleep

I just took some sleeping pills, over the counter Unisome.

So hopefully within the next hour or so I can fall asleep.


The Death Ghost has been bothering me tonight as well.

It hoovers over me.
Once it even loomed at my face and scared me

Not sure if this means the Death Ghost is coming for me or someone close to me.


Maybe it is because My life is going so well I fear death for someone because I don’t deserve all of this happiness and good fortune.

The Lord has blessed me so much more than I deserve.

However or why He has blessed me with so much is so hard to tell.

He knows my heart and He knows my sins.

And still He blesses me with so much.

I am unworthy.

On a different note my sister Linda would have been 63 today had she lived.

She died ten years ago.
Or it will be ten year this October.

She was so very young



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