The Unimportance Of Me~   Leave a comment

Never have I ever felt so unimportant as I do today.

I have been going back and forth to let my youngest daughter’s dogs out while she is in Minnesota visiting her in laws with her family

My son is staying there over night but he has been at his home working on his steps with my husband.

My granddaughters Keira and Kayla were supposed to be here by four.

I had been sitting her not doing anything to make sure I was here when they got here.

Nope no one shows up nor does anyone tell me that they are all over at my son’s working on his steps.

NO ONE TOLD ME THAT IS where my grand daughters were.

So I have sat here waiting for nothing.

AND they decide to have pizza but do I even get an invitation or even the courtesy of letting me know that my grand daughters are over at my son’s?

No one cares enough to let me know or to invite me to have pizza.

I feel like I am nothing.

Like no one gives a shit

I am so hurt and upset about it I feel like saying “Fuck you all, and I am out of here”
Like they would even miss me.

Yeah right.



Posted September 1, 2019 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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