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I am sitting here watching a movie that I doubt will be very good but it has Keanu Reeves in it

Its called “Knock Knock ”

I am grandchild free till 7 am tomorrow morning.

I finished laundry and did a little work downstairs and now I am watching the movie

I have potato soup on the stove cooking

I always sautee the onions before I add them to the soup. But my husband mixed the ham and onions together after cutting them up and I didn’t get a chance to sautee them

So I doubt that the onions will be completely done

Unless of course I let it simmer for a few hours


He meant well but it isn’t going to be as good


I went through a lot of stuff yesterday in the basement to get rid of

My grand daughter Keira helped and we got a lot done

Still have quite a bit to do but am being a bum today


The weekends go by so quickly

I know I don’t work but the weeks go by with grandchildren every day,  so the weekends are precious

Anyway the weekend is winding down


I’m grateful for every day of my life

And it is a good life



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