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To Be Or Not To Be~   Leave a comment


That is the question.

I need to go back to work for the sake of some bills and a garage I promised my husband.

I don’t want to, but I need to.

Hate the thought of it but love the idea of having more money, getting things paid off and then getting myself a newer car.

I say car because that is what I am leaning towards.

A Toyota Camry

my new car

I doubt I will go with red again as I had a red Camry once.

But we shall see when it comes to the time to buy one.

I do love the looks of this SUV too.

my new SUV

I am not a huge fan of white cars, because there are so many other pretty colors to choose from but I do like the looks of this.

I will have to drive one and see how I like it before I choose an SUV over a Camry.

I have always thought Camry’s drive themselves they are so smooth.

But again, I must go back to work to make money, to get bills paid to get a new car.




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