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Like A Snap Of The Fingers~   Leave a comment

And just like that, it is over with and done.

I swear it was just a day or two ago when we left to fly to Florida.
Here we are 168 hours later and we are home again.
Where did the time go?

Like a snap of the fingers……poof! and it is gone!

I don’t understand.

I don’t work and I am use to not having a lot to do every day but when on vacation it amazes me how fast it went.
Literally how is it possible?

vaca one

This is the view from our deck looking south (sorry about the finger)

vaca two

This is the view looking north

vaca three

The beach view from our deck

vaca four

my grandson Aaron building a sand castle

vaca five

And finally a boat out on the ocean taken from our deck.


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