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One of my favorite things to do~   Leave a comment

walking in the rain

I love storms, and we had a great one last night.

I also love walking in the rain.

I generally don’t use an umbrella.

I only use one if I have to look nice when I am going some where.
Which is rarely.

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most enjoyable

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The Walk~   Leave a comment

walk with me father


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Not That I am Counting~   Leave a comment

In 170 hours and 40 minutes we will be taking to the friendly skies and head south to Florida.

This year we are going to Palm City which is two hours north of where we usually go, which is Daytona Beach.

My daughter, her husband and their three kids are going with us (The reason we aren’t in Daytona this year)

Hopefully it will be an enjoyable time.

I just need to remember to keep my mouth shut and let her discipline her kids and not put my two cents in.

Not that I am counting the hours or anything but I am looking forward to it.


Cinnamon Beach Florida

Cinnamon Beach Pool

cinnamon beach two

More pictures to follow when I get there.


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Amazing to me~   Leave a comment

Hard to believe that six months from today it will be January 1 2020

Where does the time go?
It is amazing to think it is July first already.


My mother in law once said “Growing older is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer it gets to the end the faster it goes”

And while I hope I have a few more decades to live, it sure does seem to fly by.

christmas tree



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Check Yes Or No~   Leave a comment

A woman I use to work with is begging me to come back to work at the nursing home.
They got rid of my boss so therefore that stress would be gone.

A part of me wants to but yet another part of me loves being free of work and having every weekend free.

I am debating it.

I would love to have more money and to be honest I want a new car.

Those things can’t happen if I don’t work.

And yet my husband thinks I will be too tired if I try to work and watch grandkids too.

It is a decision I will make when I get back from vacation on the 15th.


01 (love mountain pictures)

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