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A Wonderful Beautiful Weekend~   Leave a comment

We just had a very great wonderful weekend.

Paula came home and we had a great visit with her and the other three kids.

We went to Aaron’s ballgame yesterday morning and then came home and hung out with grandkids until the adults came and then we had supper and a bonfire.

Which I love.

The weather was perfect around seventy degrees.

This morning we get up and go out for breakfast and then go to my youngest son’s house to dig up some flowers in their huge yard and replant them in my yard.

We went out for a late lunch, supper and then Paula headed home.

The weather today was around 77.

Just perfect.

I am a blessed woman


my 4

Emily 30, Matt 33, Brian 38 and Paula 40


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I’m Not A Duster~   Leave a comment

I hate dusting.

I hate it so much that I put it off as long as I can.

Usually when things have a half inch of dust on them is when I force myself to dust.

I could probably dust every day because it probably could use it…..

I was noticing today that the blinds are dusty.

I should take them down and clean them.

I do this every spring but with watching grandkids and being busy every weekend I haven’t gotten around to it.

While I look at the blinds I see the windows need cleaned on the outside too.
And then I notice the trim around the windows on the outside of the house need repainted.

Our front door on the outside is a dark brown which I want to paint the same emerald green the trim is around the windows on the outside.
The garage door is emerald green too (my favorite color) so it just makes sense to paint the main door into our house the same color as the trim and garage door.

And then since I am painting the outside of the door I will paint the inside too as it is a ugly brown which doesn’t match the dining room.

The house needs resided but that won’t be for a few years yet.

But I could scrub it down.

It does need it.

After the garage which I am not sure will get done this summer as planned since I quit working.

And all of this comes from hating dusting.



Such an incredibly beautiful picture……



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Happy Birthday To Me~   1 comment

Today I am 58 years old.

Where has the years gone?
I feel like I may be 38, not 58, but since I have children that are 40 years old and 38 years old, 33 and 30 then alas it must be true, I must be 58.


I got some nice presents.

My sister Carolyn gave me twenty dollars, my niece Jackie gave me a candle, my sister Kathy gave me a $50 gift card to Red Lobster and my sister in law and her husband took us out to dinner for my birthday.

My youngest daughter took us out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight and she got me a dozen roses too.

Very sweet of her and my son in law and their kids.


I have no reason to complain 

It has been a good day.



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More Love Than I Ever Knew Existed~   Leave a comment


As I am snuggling with my Ava Marie today and playing with her and caring for her I find myself so in love with her.

No not more than the other grandkids but she is my last grand child and she is super adorable.

She is constantly on the move, crawling every where and pulling herself up to stand against the furniture….

She is incredibly sweet and wonderful and has the most beautiful smile.

She did something totally ornery yesterday.

She bent her head down to give me a kiss which I thought was so wonderful, and then she grabbed a hold of my glasses.

I laugh and say “No No” and she grins.

Today she tried it again but I was ready for her.

I have been telling her no a lot lately.

And I am trying to teach her to say “Up” when she wants picked up.

I do find one thing about her so very funny.

All of my kids and the other grandkids knew how to hold their own bottle while drinking it.

Especially at nine months old.

Miss Ava though, refuses to learn to do it.

I keep trying to get her to hold it but she just won’t.

She is a spoiled, no doubt about it.

I so love her

And yes, I spoil her too.



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