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It is Friday night.  A bit past eight thirty at night.

My grand daughter Kayla is staying over night and she is watching a movie I  bought her “How To Train Your Dragon 3- The Hidden World”  she loves this movie

I took her to it when it was in theaters and she loved it so much.
She has the previous two movies so I bought her this one.

I love doing little things for my grandchildren.


Aaron, Bailey and Ava have their other grandparents coming down from Minnesota this weekend so I won’t see them until Monday.
Which is okay.

I love them dearly but a break will be nice too.

And they deserve time with their other grandparents.

Brian and his wife are going to host the Memorial Day picnic this year which is awesome.

Simply to have it some where else then here is great.

No awesome plans this weekend other than working in my flower gardens and painting the window frames outside.

I hope the weather allows me to be out there and the bugs aren’t too horrific.

I did buy three more flowers to put in my big flower bed.

It seems to have bare spots which annoy me.


Still I have a lot to do outside and no time to do it during the week with watching grandkids and going to ball games.




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