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I Don’t Know Why~   Leave a comment

I dye my hair about three to four times a year.

When it gets to showing more gray then I want or I get tired of the two tone color.

My hair is naturally a very ugly dish water blonde.

I dye it a lighter color, the color of the sun or maybe not quite that bright.

I dye my hair because it makes me feel younger and believe it or not, it adds some zip to my otherwise straggly hair.

I always pick the same color to dye it.

The last time I dyed it, it came out just exactly as it said on the box that it should.

I dyed it tonight and it is a lot darker.

Not ugly or a terrible color but definitely not the color that the box said it should be.

This happens every third or fourth time I do the dye job.

I don’t know why?
There is nothing different in my hair, no hair spray or any other kind of ingredient that could or would change the color.

It baffles me.

So now my hair is lighter than a dish water blonde but not as light as I thought it was going to be.

I am happy with the color…..

Just makes me wonder…..

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