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Happy Birthday To Me~   1 comment

Today I am 58 years old.

Where has the years gone?
I feel like I may be 38, not 58, but since I have children that are 40 years old and 38 years old, 33 and 30 then alas it must be true, I must be 58.


I got some nice presents.

My sister Carolyn gave me twenty dollars, my niece Jackie gave me a candle, my sister Kathy gave me a $50 gift card to Red Lobster and my sister in law and her husband took us out to dinner for my birthday.

My youngest daughter took us out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight and she got me a dozen roses too.

Very sweet of her and my son in law and their kids.


I have no reason to complain 

It has been a good day.



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