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As I am snuggling with my Ava Marie today and playing with her and caring for her I find myself so in love with her.

No not more than the other grandkids but she is my last grand child and she is super adorable.

She is constantly on the move, crawling every where and pulling herself up to stand against the furniture….

She is incredibly sweet and wonderful and has the most beautiful smile.

She did something totally ornery yesterday.

She bent her head down to give me a kiss which I thought was so wonderful, and then she grabbed a hold of my glasses.

I laugh and say “No No” and she grins.

Today she tried it again but I was ready for her.

I have been telling her no a lot lately.

And I am trying to teach her to say “Up” when she wants picked up.

I do find one thing about her so very funny.

All of my kids and the other grandkids knew how to hold their own bottle while drinking it.

Especially at nine months old.

Miss Ava though, refuses to learn to do it.

I keep trying to get her to hold it but she just won’t.

She is a spoiled, no doubt about it.

I so love her

And yes, I spoil her too.



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