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I Don’t Understand~   Leave a comment

How do people find something to complain about EVERY SINGLE DAY!
How do they live like that with always finding the glass half empty?
I just don’t get it.

I really don’t.

Some of the things people say to me day in and day out makes me think, how do they live life in such a depressive state that they have to complain every damn day about something?
It wears on me.

My husband is one of those people.

He bitches every day about something.

I hate it.

I hate being around unhappy people.

It brings me down and I hate being down and blue.

People need to find the beauty in this one life we get to live.

I am almost ready to never get on the computer or interact with people anymore because their unhappiness about EVERYTHING gets me so down.


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Emily~   Leave a comment

Don’t know how I forgot my youngest daughter’s birthday mention.

I suppose it has to do with my being sick and then working a lot more than usual.

Or working a different shift that gives me no time to be on a computer.

But Emily turned 30 last Friday.

No longer my baby but a beautiful young woman.

She asked me the other day if I had a problem with her child being 30?

I told her no not really, that I had more of a problem with my oldest being 40.

Where does the time go to?
I haven’t a clue~

Emily 1990




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Work And Pain, And Such~   Leave a comment

My body aches after working a full eight hour shift on second shift.

Today was day two of my three in a row.

I have tomorrow night yet to work.

It is a good pain though, if that makes any sense?

I am not sitting on my fat butt doing nothing.

I am working and walking a lot and keeping busy, (unlike on third shift)

So I know working second and then two twelve hour shifts on the weekend is good for me.

I do know this.

Just in pain right now.


Getting older…….


From my hips down I ache.

My neck is a bit sore too but my arms, torso and hands are fine.



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Sick~   Leave a comment

We went to Wisconsin this past week so my daughters could go out and celebrate their birthday’s together.
Paula turned 40 on March 8th and Emily turned 30th on the 15th.

I was sick the entire weekend.

Stomach flu, vomiting and diarrhea

It was so bad on Saturday that I couldn’t leave the hotel room for fear of soiling myself.

Yes I know, too much information but it was bad.

I slept a lot too and wasn’t very social at all.

Which was a bummer but hey, no one wanted what I had anyway so…..

I still feel a bit weak today, had diarrhea over night a few times last night but nothing so far today.


I am sick of it already.

And God willing no one else will get it.



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Happy Birthday Mom~   Leave a comment

Had she lived, my mother would have been 92 today

Hard to believe she has been gone 27 years already.
Where does the time go?

I wish she could have lived a lot longer life then she got.

65 is way too young to leave this earth.

Love and miss her dearly

mom 3

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Changing again~   Leave a comment

Well the two recent hires at my job are both gone now.

One quit and one got fired.

So that leaves us short again.

That also means I am no longer working third shift after tomorrow night.

My boss does plan on hiring but that requires time and training so I am quite sure I will be on second shift for the next month or so.

The only thing I like about second shift is getting enough sleep.

Working third always makes me feel tired and never quite caught up on sleep.

We also have on lady who is going on Maternity leave starting this Friday.

AND another one who is quitting to take a job closer to her home in Davenport.

Her last day is April 5th.

That leaves us with four employees to cover first and second shifts 8 days a week.


4th of july too



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Odd~   Leave a comment

I have a rare day to myself and I am finding myself looking for things to do.

Odd to me as I never have days alone.
But Miss Bailey is sick so her dad stayed home with her and Ava today.

So alas, I have a day to myself.

I will have to nap later this evening to get through work tonight but I find myself with hours to fill.

IF I had known I wouldn’t have any grandkids today I would have saved cleaning for today.

But alas…..

If only it was nicer out, I would be out working in my yard.

But that is coming…..

Hopefully we are completely done with snow till next winter.

one can only hope.


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