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If I Die Tomorrow~   Leave a comment

If I died in my sleep tonight how many people can really say that they knew me?
How many people know the real me?
Probably very few.

If anyone.

heart hands



So I thought I would write down a few thoughts, mainly on things that I love.

For instance I don’t think anyone on this planet knows that I LOVE Campbells’ Bean and Bacon soup.

I love it so much I can eat it cold right out of the can.

bb soup

How many people know that I have had 8 lovers in my life?

hugging two

Or that I am insanely romantic and passionate?

How many people know that I am a bastard?
That my biological father was already married when he had an affair with my mother that produced me.

Does anyone know that sometimes I think death would be welcomed and I could be in Heaven with no struggles?

Heavenly pic

I have 6 grandchildren and I would give my life for everyone of them if need be.

Does anyone know that?

I love sunrises and sunsets.

sunrise 1           sunrise 2

Does anyone know that I enjoy the planning and the anticipation of a vacation more than I enjoy the vacation itself?

Is anyone aware that I have had my heart broken, split in two, just once in my life?

heart broken

Does anyone know that I love walking in the rain, a warm rain…..and without an umbrella

walking in the rain

Would anyone care to know that I talk to my sister Cyndi via instant messaging almost every day?  Even though she can’t answer me I still find great comfort in talking to her and sending her things I think she might find interesting.

Cyndi one

I am quite sure that if I thought about it some more I could think of other things no one knows about me.

But alas it is almost eleven pm and I am tired.

Have a wonderful day readers.






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