What Would You Do With 700 Million?   Leave a comment

So the Powerball lottery is back up past seven hundred million.

I think it is a bit insane to be that high.

I honestly don’t think it should go higher than ten million and then someone has to win it.
Who needs 700 million dollars?

I played of course and I would of course accept the seven hundred million if I won it.

Chances are it would be more like 350 million after taxes if you took the lump sum.

I would buy a home in the county with a lot of land.

house in country

I would buy a home on the ocean for my winter retreat.

ocean home

I would pay off my children’s houses and help them in whatever way they need help up to the ten million point each.

I would buy my siblings houses if that is what they wanted up to five million each.

I would give millions to the University of Iowa for cancer research in my mother’s name.

I would buy a home in the mountains.

mountain home

I would buy a home in Utah, in Montana.

utah home

Montana home

I would travel the world.

I would give to charities.

I would help those who are less fortunate.

But as we all know, I won’t win the lottery.

It is next to impossible.

But it is fun to dream.




Posted March 26, 2019 by Marge in Uncategorized

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