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What Would You Do With 700 Million?   Leave a comment

So the Powerball lottery is back up past seven hundred million.

I think it is a bit insane to be that high.

I honestly don’t think it should go higher than ten million and then someone has to win it.
Who needs 700 million dollars?

I played of course and I would of course accept the seven hundred million if I won it.

Chances are it would be more like 350 million after taxes if you took the lump sum.

I would buy a home in the county with a lot of land.

house in country

I would buy a home on the ocean for my winter retreat.

ocean home

I would pay off my children’s houses and help them in whatever way they need help up to the ten million point each.

I would buy my siblings houses if that is what they wanted up to five million each.

I would give millions to the University of Iowa for cancer research in my mother’s name.

I would buy a home in the mountains.

mountain home

I would buy a home in Utah, in Montana.

utah home

Montana home

I would travel the world.

I would give to charities.

I would help those who are less fortunate.

But as we all know, I won’t win the lottery.

It is next to impossible.

But it is fun to dream.



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Sinus pain~   Leave a comment


I woke up with this sinus infection and it hasn’t left me all day.

I went to the doctor for something totally unrelated to the sinus pain and the doctor told me to take Clairton.

That I should take it every day for a month of more because it will kick the sinus headache and help with the allergies coming on with spring arriving.

So I bought some.

You can only take one in a twenty four hour period so I took one.

It hasn’t helped a bit.


So I took an Advil Sinus and hopefully it will at least take the major pain away.

Can’t even turn my head without the pain.

This doctor also told me that there is no reason for me to be taking Aleve every day.

I take Ibuprofrin when needed for my aches and pains, usually just when I work and she said it isn’t good to take both.

So she suggested I cut out the Aleve.

Any hoo……I am tired of this sinus pain.

Boo hoo…..






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