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Well unfortunately I had to work all weekend when the weather was decent and I could get outside and do yard work.

Today is isn’t even fifty and a cool breeze is blowing and I can’t be out there, or let me say I choose not to be out there working in the shade to get my flower beds cleaned.

I just have one to do but it is a big one and in the shade.
Too cool for that kind of working.


I love the warmer temperatures, don’t get me wrong.

But 46 just isn’t warm enough.

Not when we had sixties on Saturday and fifties yesterday.

The days I was stuck inside for ten hours both days.

Wednesday is supposed to be close to sixty again but I have to be at work at two.
And have my grandchildren in the morning so there won’t be any working in the yard that day either.



I know warmer weather is coming.

I do know it.

And hopefully it will coincide with my days off eventually.

1977392_454429064703741_1297047025_nyeah it’s bedding but it is pretty……..

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