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No One Writes Anymore~   2 comments

No one writes emails anymore or blogs.

It is amazing to me how people just let it all go

Even when they owe me an email or a letter.

No one bothers anymore.

It is annoying and down right rude in my opinion.

For years my eldest sister has tried to convince me that Trump is a good man and a good president.
So I wrote her a letter before Thanksgiving to have her write me in detail what is so wonderful about him.

So I can research her claims and decide for myself.

She has never written.

She knows she owes me a letter because she mentioned it back in January.

Still no letter.

My sister doesn’t bother emailing.

She goes days, today being day three of no emails from her.

There is no reason for it.

She just doesn’t do it.

It boggles the mind how people think and react any more.

Sad too.

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