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Again and only stupidity is to blame~   Leave a comment

Well the second time in the last six years, my youngest sister has lost her house and all of her belongings to a fire.

There is no reason for it other than her husband is stubborn and stupid for it to happen again.

The first time they lost their country home because Bruce, my sister Wanda’s husband had the wood burning stove too close to the house.

The insurance people wouldn’t even insure the house because Bruce refused to move the wood burner stove outside further from the house.

Well again today, they lost their house for the same reason.

And again they weren’t insured because the wood burner stove on the outside of the house was too damn close to the house.


It makes me insane when people do such dumb things.

If I was my sister I would tell him. “Go, just go. You obviously don’t give a damn about your family to keep us safe, so just leave”
But knowing Wanda she won’t do that.

She acts like she can’t live without him.

Just plain and simply stupid all the way around.


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Luke Perry~   Leave a comment

Luke Perry.jpg

Rest In Peace Mr. Luke Perry.

By all reports this was a very nice gentle family man.

It bothers me a lot and I think the reason is because he was so young, 52 with a lot of life left to live.

It just goes to show you once again, that you never know what tomorrow will bring.

And no one is promised a tomorrow.

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