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I talked to my friend Laurie for over an hour today as she is seriously thinking of quitting the job because of the way people treat her.
Namely our young coworkers and our boss.

I told her to go to HR and talk to them.

She is the best employee we have.
Yes even better then me.
She takes her time and puts forth 200% every single day.
She is not a slacker.

She believes that one needs to keep busy all of the time and take the breaks and sometimes she doesn’t even take the time to do that.

She is a unique type of person who gives it her all every day.

But my boss and coworkers who are all in their twenties treat her like crap.
And she allows it.

I told her she needs to go to HR and talk to them.
I doubt she will.
She doesn’t want to make waves…..

So she will probably quit.
Which upsets me as she is a good person.




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