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Let’s Not~   Leave a comment

I leave here in forty five minutes to go to work.

I would prefer to hibernate for the next 36 hours or so.

Sure am not thrilled with this weather.
I do see that they decided that the US Mail will not be delivered in our part of Iowa tomorrow.

Maybe it is the entire state, I don’t know.

That makes me happy for those workers.

No one should have to be out in this crap.


So my feeling is ” Let’s not do this and say we did”
If it were that simple.



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Baby It’s Cold, No Freaking Freezing Outside!   Leave a comment

8e4cff9a53a39d3a8dc218c18bd06ee7The cold air slaps at you like a thousand shreds of ice glass spraying you like a gust of ocean waves, without the giddiness and fun of dancing to the waves tunes.

It is a shock, when that air hits you.

Your head either reels back to avoid the ugly iciness, or you are ducking your face deeper into your coat to try and out smart the friged spray.

Either way before you make it to the car, or the building, or where ever you can get to and get out of the artic air, trying not to breathe or dilly dally along.

This isn’t a strolling kind of weather.

Even the elderly move faster than they have in years to get out of the icy wind.

People joke “Looks like someone in Canada left a door open again”

Or I read one today that said “You remember when you said that you would get back with your ex when hell freezes over?  Looks like that reunion will be Wednesday of this week”

I guess it is nice that people can joke about it.

I personally hate it this cold.

And I know a lot of people do

To me this is cabin fever weather.

I have no desire to be out in it, and worry about my family who have to go to work

This is a killing kind of cold

Dogs left outside freeze to death

People out in this can freeze to death.

It is not a enjoyable time at all.

It makes me want to move to Florida or Arizona or Southern California.

Anywhere but here.

I did read yesterday that there is 56 days till spring…….and the weathermen say by the weekend it will be above 32 degrees again.

I sure hope so…….


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