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All I need~   Leave a comment

I just need $30,000 to pay for a garage for my husband and to pay off a couple of bills.

That is all I need.
Damn it isn’t that much.


Wish I had a relative who could loan it to me.



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A Cold~   Leave a comment

Thanks to my grand daughters, I have a cold.

Stuffed up nose, but yet a runny nose, coughing but yet sneezing too.


I was in bed before six thirty last night and slept till five forty five this morning.

Amazing and yet I obviously needed it do to this dang cold.


It is going to be another freezing week in Iowa this week and I think they will cancel school on Wednesday at least.

It is supposed to be -25 for the high on Wednesday.


Tomorrow I think is -10, which means they may cancel that too.

By the weekend it is supposed to be up closer to the freezing mark.


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