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Are You a Half Glass Full Or Half Glass Empty Kind of Person?   Leave a comment

I always and have always felt like I am the glass is half full.

Most people I know are the glass is half empty.

Most people I know are down and blue.
It is depressing to me

Most people complain and can’t find any happiness.

Which saddens me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not always sunshine and roses, but I do know that I have so very many blessings.

Every child and grandchild I have are gifts from God.

I have my health and all of my family is healthy.

I have a good job, a nice home and a man who loves me.

I want for nothing.

Not really.

My glass is always half full.

Yes I would love to retire completely and just bask in life and my grandchildren but that will happen one day.

Maybe not for a few years yet but I know it will happen.

Life is what you make of it.

I just wish the people I know would see it that way and not be so unhappy.

The constant complaining just wears on my soul.



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