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Headache, Grandchildren and Work~   Leave a comment

I have a headache and have had it all day.

I am thinking it is due to not sleeping right and the neck pain is causing the headache.
My grandchildren just went home.

Miss Ava is so dang wonderful.
Twice today she covered her eyes to go to sleep.

hiding eyes

I just love her to pieces.

I love the others too but Ava is so sweet and innocent.

I was thinking earlier how sad it is that we won’t be having any more grandbabies.

I know six is a good number but Miss Ava makes me think having six more would be great too.


My friend Laurie gets to come back to work so she will be working with me this weekend.

I am glad she is back.

Hopefully I can finally go back to third shift and just work third shift once the two new kids get the training done.

I work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday 2-10

I told my husband when he was complaining about grandkids, that I would be more than happy to stay home and watch them and he work.

He makes twice plus what I make an hour.

But unfortunately he can only make $30,000 a year.




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