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I Hate Life~   Leave a comment

Well that is not one hundred percent true.

I don’t actually hate life I just hate my life at this moment.

I can’t sleep

I went to bed at ten, woke up at a few minutes before midnight because I had to go to the bathroom.

Came back to bed and tossed and turned and tried to get my brain to shut off, but it wouldn’t.

I would doze for twenty minutes or so and the rest of the hour I would be awake.

This happened all night.

It is almost six am and while I feel tired, the moment I tell myself I am relaxed enough to go to sleep it is like my mind says “Oh no you aren’t!” and I am wide awake again.

I hate when I can’t sleep

Tomorrow night I will have to be working all night and won’t be able to sleep, and can’t sleep……why does it have to be this way now when I need the sleep and want to sleep on my night off I can’t?

I just hate it all…..


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