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Night Number Two~   Leave a comment

I am about ready to leave for work.

Night two in my three night event.

I slept from eight till nine thirty, waking up only long enough to realize I was waking up and then I went back to sleep while my five month old grand daughter slept in my lap.

I went to bed at one and in between bathroom breaks I slept from one till eight twenty tonight.

So I feel refreshed.

Have to see what tomorrow brings for tomorrow night.

I would LOVE to call in, but I don’t suppose I should.

I haven’t called in since November 8th of 2017 and my being at work doesn’t really affect anyone other then that nursing home staff who have to answer call lights two or three times each third shift.

They do it without me there six sometimes seven nights a week if and when we are short staffed and I have to work second shift…….so it wouldn’t be that big of a hardship for them to cover me if I called in tomorrow night.
Guess we shall have to see how I feel.

I have such a full weekend that I don’t know where I am going to get some down time.

Not to mention I will be very tired on Friday if I work tomorrow night.

My job isn’t hard…..just have to stay awake …….

Keira and I are going to go and get her nails done some time on Friday.

Kayla and Matt will be here as well visiting.

Paula will be here most of Saturday and Sunday morning and while she will be staying at Matt’s house over night we will have the five youngest grandkids to watch while they all go out for Matt’s birthday.

He will be 33 on Monday.

And then Sunday I have my sister’s daughter in laws baby shower.

Which should be enjoyable and I will get to see some family too.


Just a crazy busy weekend for me .

No doubt it is better than working…..don’t get me wrong….I just wish it wasn’t quite so busy……


Ahh life….

daytona beach sunrise


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