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I am tired.
I worked last night and stayed up till a bit after eleven this morning and then slept till five fifty this evening.
I have showered and eaten, answered an email to my sister, scrolled through Facebook and now I am feeling tired and ready for napping again.

Unfortunately I have to work in two hours.

I told my sister I will be glad when I can get back to working just third shift so I can get my sleep pattern more regulated.

I am tired.

Saw five of my six grandchildren this morning before I went to bed, and my daughter Emily and son Matt.

I saw Brian last night before I went to work and it has been since Thanksgiving since I have seen Paula.

I hope she is doing well.

After tonight I am working two till ten Friday through Sunday and then I work Tuesday through Thursday ten to six next week and then am off next weekend.

Yeah ten days from now.

I really would just love to go back to bed, but alas…..guess I will just be drinking some caffeine and quite a bit of it tonight at work.

Not sure when I am going to get to sleep tomorrow as I start watching my three youngest grandkids again.

Happy New Year everyone!

happy new year mountains


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