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Wasted Days And Wasted Nights~   Leave a comment

So while working third shift I am awake all night long and sleeping a lot of the day away.

it is hard to handle when I wake up at two pm and everyone else has been up for hours.

Yeah I know the joys, or perks of the job.

Ha ha.

It is just hard to get use to one way or the other.

I am off tomorrow morning at six am and then go back to work on Saturday afternoon at two pm.

Not thrilled with the change but as long as we are short handed we have to work when and where we are needed.


Like I said to my sister some day I can retire completely and not have to worry about these crazy hours.



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Another Christmas Over With~   Leave a comment

As always we have our Christmas on Christmas eve.

We have done this since I married my husband 42 years ago.

Now our kids will spend Christmas with their in-laws or stay home with their families and celebrate the day.

I have to work tonight so I will sleep most of tomorrow anyway.

Well all morning and then hopefully get a nap in the late afternoon before I have to go to work at ten tomorrow night.

Anyway we spend our Christmas day going to a movie or just hanging out at home binge watching movies.

I got three gift cards.

Two to Red Lobster and one to Texas Roadhouse from our kids.

And some peanuts, chocolates and a candle.

My husband bought me a ring but it won’t be here till a week or so from now.

I got a lot and I am truly blessed.

This is the first time in YEARS I didn’t go all out and spend an ungodly amount of money on my kids and grandkids.

It didn’t seem much like Christmas without spending money.


Maybe next year I can at least do better.

Merry Christmas one and all.

my tree


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Odd To Me~   Leave a comment

So I have been trying to get my husband to get a smart phone for years.
He has a very old flip phone.

My son tonight tried to show him a few things on his phone and explain to him how he could have access to everything, the internet, Facebook, etc…..if he had a smart phone.

I have one I am not using that my son could switch his father’s phone in about ten minutes or less.
But my husband isn’t interested.

It is odd to me that he wants to live with the simpler phone and not be more up to date .

I don’t understand it nor do my kids.


2 rick at the beach


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What To Say Today?   Leave a comment

I am finally on my three days off.

It is actually almost four days off because I don’t have to be at work until ten pm on December 24th.

I slept for three hours, showered and am now doing laundry.

Have to get my grandson here in two hours but have some time to kill.

I  had asked for Christmas Eve off but I guess my boss thought I needed to work at ten pm.

Not crazy about it but one doesn’t make money if one doesn’t work.

So I will work.


I won’t have the grandkids until January 2nd after today because their father is taking vacation next week.

So that will be nice as well.


I have a few things I want to do.

Namely go through totes and get rid of stuff.

I have about twelve totes under my steps in the basement and if they can sit there full of stuff for years on end, well then obviously I am not using it.

Time to get rid of it.

I so wish I could write.





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Woe Is Me~   1 comment

I know I am a blessed woman, I do know that.

I have everything anyone could want.

Healthy children and grandchildren, a man who loves me and my health.

What could I want or need?

There is nothing I need, but I ache when my kids ache.

I hurt when they are in pain.

I physically feel ill when they aren’t doing well.

I have four children and every single one of them has things they struggle with, that they deal with…..that they try to control, but can’t always.

They have heartaches, they have pain.

They have insecurities, they have depression or unhappy spouses….

They may have money issues or struggling with something else.

It pains me and I know other parents feel the same way with their children.

Don’t get me wrong, being a mother is one of the greatest blessings God has given me.

I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.

I just hurt when they hurt.


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In The Interest Of Life~   Leave a comment

For the first time today I lay my almost five month old grand daughter in the play pen and let her fall asleep on her own.

From day one her mother has rocked her to sleep.

Today I thought, let’s try this.

It worked and she slept forty minutes.

I was hoping for a bit longer as she doesn’t get a bottle till one thirty but alas…..forty minutes is something.

She woke up in a good mood so that is good.

I am going to strive for the play pen more as I get nothing else done but holding her when she sleeps.

And honestly there is no reason for it.
Yes I love to watch her sleep but still…..I need to do other things too.

I was napping too even though I slept ten hours last night.

I guess I am still catching up.

Have to work the next three nights third shift so I will be ready for my three days off on Friday morning when I get off at six.

We came out of my bedroom to find Bailey, my four year old grand daughter napping too.

She never naps.

So hopefully she is just extra tired and not getting sick.

They seem to pass the head cold around between Bailey, Ava and Aaron.

And honestly Aaron never is as sick as the girls get.

In other thoughts~

I was flipping through channels earlier and there is one called Hawaii Life or something like that and I just thought for entertainment purposes or curiosity  I would see how much it would cost to take a cruise to Hawaii.

Well leaving San Diego for a fifteen day trip to cruise to Hawaii and around the islands is over $15,000 a person.


I do hope to do that trip some day, but I can’t afford a $30,000 plus trip.

And that isn’t even counting getting us to San Diego.

Maybe some day…..

This cruise ship was leaving San Diego on December 21st of this year so that might be why it is so expensive.


Anyhoo… is cheap to dream.

hawaii two


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New Year’s Resolutions~   Leave a comment

So last night at work while I was killing time, I started my New Year Resolutions list.

It got me thinking again about retiring in a little over two years and all I want to accomplish before then.

First and foremost get my husband his garage which will cost around $15,000

Then I have a couple of credit cards I need to get paid off and also side our house and remodel the garage that is attached to our house.

All can be accomplished in two years and five months.

It is all doable.

I told my husband I need to realize there will be no vacations in this time either until all of those things I want to get done are done.

I just want to retire and enjoy life without having to be tired and working all of the time.

It is nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel.



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