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So I was writing my sister and email earlier telling her of a quirk of mine.

I have a few.

One is having to work two weekends in a row when another girl has had the last two weekends off and is going to get this next one off too.

It really annoys me.

Why should she get three weekends off when I have to work two in a row?
And it isn’t even my normal shift that I have to work.

It is hers.

Really pisses me off.

Or is a quirk……whatever.

Another quirk is and I don’t mean to sound bitchy about it but I detest children or adults, especially adults calling their father’s daddy.

If a child is three or younger okay, but not older than that and certainly not as an adult.

My mother use to refer to her father as “Daddy” and it always made me cringe inside.

Just hate it.

I know, everyone is entitled to call their father’s whatever they want.

It just is nails on a chalkboard to me.

I could go on and on but then I would start griping about people and no one wants to listen to me bitch.





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