On The Eve Of New Year’s Eve~   Leave a comment

So I will be working tomorrow night when the clock strikes midnight and it will be January first.

So I thought since I don’t know if I will have computer time tomorrow, that I should begin my New Year’s Resolution list.


First and foremost is I need to be less critical of others and more  pleasing to be worthy of God.

2- Losing weight.  ALWAYS a resolution but rarely do I stick to it.  I VOW to do better this time.

3- STOP spending money.     I drive a 2007 Envoy and it has a lot of issues and I miss my new cars.  I miss not having something really nice to drive.   But I want to retire sooner rather then later so I refrain from getting anything better.

4- Be doing things more and spend less time watching TV.

5- Make time/ spend time with those I love

6-  Live each day as it was my last.  One day I won’t have any more tomorrows…   I need to cherish every hour of every day and be thankful for all I have been blessed with.

That is it for now.

I am sure there is more……but nothing is coming to me at the moment.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year tomorrow night.

About 26 hours from now.

A man jump between 2018 and 2019 years.

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