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Well it has been a couple of days and I am not in a better mood.

Maybe a bit better but not by much.


I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I just am in a slump I guess.


I worked last night and work tonight, not thrilled with it but it is money and Lord knows I need money.

I work ten to six both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (nights).

That stinks as well but not like I can change it.

I could of course break my arm or something and that would get me out of work, but alas…..I can’t see myself doing that, so I work.

My husband is going to go back to work tomorrow after having three weeks off.

He needs to work.

He sits here and watches tv and eats every thirty to sixty minutes.

I go and do something and come back and he is eating something new.

I haven’t said anything to him but it is all I can do not to say “Really? Can’t you let something digest before you eat something else?”
But of course I won’t.

It is his body.

I just hate to see him gaining weight and knowing that it isn’t good for him.


But alas, I won’t harp on him, or as he says “Bitch” at him.


Matt went to talk to his wife and see his daughters today.

It sounds like his wife wants him to move back home.

Not sure if he will as a week apart doesn’t seem to be long enough to decide things, but I know he will do what he thinks is best.

And what is best for his daughters.


I myself yearn for a change.

I feel like I do the same thing every single day of my life and I HATE it.

Literally hate it.

The only thing I see to look forward to is spring and nicer weather.

Winter has really gotten me down this year and I can’t even say why.

I usually love winter.
But this year I am sick of the cold and sick of piling on clothes to stay warm.

I am just in a slump.

Hopefully things will get better.




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