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I am having a down day.

Not sure why.

I get this way once or twice a month.

Maybe it is knowing I have to go to work tomorrow.

I work the next four days.


AND I have to work New Year’s Eve ten pm till six am.

It annoys me because I have worked every holiday.

I asked for Christmas Eve off and I had to work that.

So in my opinion I feel like I should get New Year’s Eve off.
But alas….my boss doesn’t see it that way.

Maybe I am down due to a passionate dream I had last night.

I do not have passion in my life.

And no I am not talking just sexually.

I am talking about real passion for something.

Like my job, my hobbies… health, SOMETHING!!!!
But I don’t.

I have no passion.


I titled this because I sometimes think I have not a thing to whine about.

We all have our health, my children and grandchildren are happy.

I have a decent job.
I have a house, a home…..I basically want for nothing.

And yet I have these down days.

I don’t get it.

Yes it could be hormonal.

I do know that.

But like I wrote to my sister earlier, I just want to runaway for a while and do and be something different.



We had some ice and a bit of snow last night during the night, the ice was today and I have to say I am so over winter.
Which is strange for me because I usually love winter.

This year I just want it over with.

See, a bit down…..


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