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Another Christmas Over With~   Leave a comment

As always we have our Christmas on Christmas eve.

We have done this since I married my husband 42 years ago.

Now our kids will spend Christmas with their in-laws or stay home with their families and celebrate the day.

I have to work tonight so I will sleep most of tomorrow anyway.

Well all morning and then hopefully get a nap in the late afternoon before I have to go to work at ten tomorrow night.

Anyway we spend our Christmas day going to a movie or just hanging out at home binge watching movies.

I got three gift cards.

Two to Red Lobster and one to Texas Roadhouse from our kids.

And some peanuts, chocolates and a candle.

My husband bought me a ring but it won’t be here till a week or so from now.

I got a lot and I am truly blessed.

This is the first time in YEARS I didn’t go all out and spend an ungodly amount of money on my kids and grandkids.

It didn’t seem much like Christmas without spending money.


Maybe next year I can at least do better.

Merry Christmas one and all.

my tree



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