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For the first time today I lay my almost five month old grand daughter in the play pen and let her fall asleep on her own.

From day one her mother has rocked her to sleep.

Today I thought, let’s try this.

It worked and she slept forty minutes.

I was hoping for a bit longer as she doesn’t get a bottle till one thirty but alas…..forty minutes is something.

She woke up in a good mood so that is good.

I am going to strive for the play pen more as I get nothing else done but holding her when she sleeps.

And honestly there is no reason for it.
Yes I love to watch her sleep but still…..I need to do other things too.

I was napping too even though I slept ten hours last night.

I guess I am still catching up.

Have to work the next three nights third shift so I will be ready for my three days off on Friday morning when I get off at six.

We came out of my bedroom to find Bailey, my four year old grand daughter napping too.

She never naps.

So hopefully she is just extra tired and not getting sick.

They seem to pass the head cold around between Bailey, Ava and Aaron.

And honestly Aaron never is as sick as the girls get.

In other thoughts~

I was flipping through channels earlier and there is one called Hawaii Life or something like that and I just thought for entertainment purposes or curiosity  I would see how much it would cost to take a cruise to Hawaii.

Well leaving San Diego for a fifteen day trip to cruise to Hawaii and around the islands is over $15,000 a person.


I do hope to do that trip some day, but I can’t afford a $30,000 plus trip.

And that isn’t even counting getting us to San Diego.

Maybe some day…..

This cruise ship was leaving San Diego on December 21st of this year so that might be why it is so expensive.


Anyhoo… is cheap to dream.

hawaii two



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