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New Year’s Resolutions~   Leave a comment

So last night at work while I was killing time, I started my New Year Resolutions list.

It got me thinking again about retiring in a little over two years and all I want to accomplish before then.

First and foremost get my husband his garage which will cost around $15,000

Then I have a couple of credit cards I need to get paid off and also side our house and remodel the garage that is attached to our house.

All can be accomplished in two years and five months.

It is all doable.

I told my husband I need to realize there will be no vacations in this time either until all of those things I want to get done are done.

I just want to retire and enjoy life without having to be tired and working all of the time.

It is nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel.



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A Spring-ish Day~   Leave a comment

So I went to get my grandson at three from school and my car said it was 44 degrees out.

I ran to a store leaving the car running and then went to get him.

I sat for maybe ten minutes waiting for him and the temperature went up to 46.

I ALMOST washed my car but sanity returned when I reminded myself we are in the middle of December, NOT March.

So it would really be a waste of money to have it be clean for a day or two.

So anyway I didn’t wash it.

After I got my grandson and he wanted to go play in the back yard, so he and his sister who is 4 went out there and played for about a half hour.

From the snow from a few weeks ago the grass is all nice and green and the snow is 99% gone.

With the trees in our back yard, this time of day the entire back yard is shaded, so I thought a bit cold.

I stood in the sun the majority of the time and Aaron kept saying, “You don’t have to stay out here with us”
Which I do have to.
Because in the crazy world we live in, no one is going to steal my grandchild without killing me first to get to them.

I may be too worried about it but I hate the thought of anyone causing any harm to my grandchild.


Any hoo off topic there for a minute…..

It was nice out and Aaron wanted to just run around in his sweatshirt but I made him keep his coat on.

He was a bit annoyed with me but it is only December.

I guess the weekend was nice too but I slept during the day time (due to working third shift again) or worked in my den and or cleaned and wasn’t outside.

46 isn’t 75 though which is the perfect temperature for me.

I did think, if we didn’t have to go to my grand daughter’s concert tonight I wouldn’t mind sitting out and having a fire in our back yard.


But maybe sometime in the near future.






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