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Don’t Make Plans~   1 comment

Well we aren’t going to wait until the New Year to start me working third shift.

My boss called me back and asked me to start tonight.

So I am.

With maybe six hours of sleep I am going to work ten to six.

I tried to sleep earlier but it didn’t work.

My brain would not shut off.


I think she will probably have me working a few morning and evening hours too until she can get it all figured out.

But for right now I am working tonight, have tomorrow night off due to asking for it off weeks ago.  And then I work Saturday and Sunday night.

I don’t know after that.

It puts me on the opposite weekend of my sister Kathy which doesn’t make me happy but I am taking off March 14th through 16th so it may put me on her weekend when I get back.





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Into The New Year~   Leave a comment

So starting on December 31st I am going to start working third shift again.

My boss called and confirmed it.

I am excited in many ways as I hope it gets me off of working every weekend.

AND I hope it gets me more involved with family things on my down time.
I hate missing everything.

And when I worked third shift before I didn’t.

It will be hard to adjust to going back to third shift but if there is a will there is a way and I need the money.


Oh and one more thing, totally unrelated to this blog…..I can’t pick which category I want to put my blog in.  It doesn’t offer the option any longer.



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