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Oh Yes I Did~   Leave a comment

So the night worker at my job just up and quit today.

I told my boss I would take her job.
Full time nights.

A part of me thinks I am crazy because I don’t sleep well on nights but the other part of me thinks, I need the money and the faster I get some things paid off the faster I can quit work all together.

So I am willing to go back to nights full time to get it done.

Hopefully my boss will let me.

Time will tell I guess……


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Low maintained life~   Leave a comment

The other day before I went to work my husband was watching this program where people downsize and live in tiny houses.

This woman on the one that was on last weekend wanted her home on wheels and wanted to travel all over the country in it.

Well honestly I think buying an RV would have been the way to go but she wanted something unique so she spent $45,000 on this small tiny house.

My point is I often think how great it would be to live simpler……to downsize and not be encumbered with all of the stuff….

I could easily sell this house and buy an RV and travel this country and come home to Iowa one week a month to visit our kids and grandkids.

I would LOVE to do that.

But of course my husband vetoes it.

As always.

He tends to veto everything I suggest.

But like I told my sister the only down side would be not having a flower garden but alas….that is a low priority to me.

The thought of living simpler, of living life with less STUFF would be ideal to me.

Not necessarily living off the land simpler but not being encumbered with all the things……

Good thing dreaming is free……….




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