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So my husband asked me how much I spent on him for Christmas?
Yesterday he asked me what I wanted.
I said nothing other then what I have wanted for the past couple of years.

A new sidewalk in front of our house and the drywall updated in our garage.

Right now neither of these projects can be done due to it being winter.

Oh the garage could be if he really wanted to do it, but of course he doesn’t.

The sidewalk is right in front of our front door, no one walks on it except family but there is a huge crack in it and half of it is sinking into the ground.

It needs fixed.

And has needed fixed ever since we moved in here.

AND last winter he told me this summer we would get the new drywall up in the garage that connects to our house.

Well that didn’t get done either.


I told him tonight, do not get me anything.

He asked why when I bought him close to $300 in presents

I said I would rather he save the money and do the sidewalk and the garage this next spring.

My birthday is in May and I know he will ask me what I want.

The answer is the same.

He said to me tonight that he wanted for nothing and didn’t see why I would spend money on him

But this is where we differ.

I listen all year long about things he likes or wants.

I keep notes, I keep track.

He basically doesn’t hear me.

Years ago I told him I wanted a ring of my children’s birth stones.

Not a mother’s ring, but a ring for Matt’s stone in January, and another ring for Brian’s stone in February and my daughter’s stone’s for March.

But does he hear me?

AND it is a want not a necessity.

I don’t need them.

And years ago I gave up on him trying to be romantic.

He doesn’t have a clue on how to do that.

I bought him a truck for his birthday.

He bought me a coffee mug for mine

My birthday is in May, his in July.

I took him to Florida for his retirement.

I got nothing for mine.

Such is life.

I love giving presents and getting nice things.

But it is what it is.

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