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I wrote my sister and my brother a letter today.

My sister because she had just written me and I wanted to answer her.

My brother because it is Christmas time and I felt like I should reach out.

They both love Trump and I detest the man.
However I wrote my sister that I would like her to tell me in detail what she thinks he has done for our country that makes him so great.

I honestly want to know.

Because I haven’t seen anything yet.

She said to me in her letter that this whole country is full of hate.
Well I blame a lot of it on Trump.

Even before Trump people hated Obama because he was black.

Even Trump wanted him to produce his birth certificate to prove he was an American citizen.

My sister hates Muslims.

That is another form of hate.

Making fun of people and or calling names like Trump does, is a form of hate.

So we shall see if she answers my questions.

I am tired and it has to be bedtime.


4th of july too


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