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Sexiest Man Alive~   Leave a comment

Finally People magazine got it right.

Idris Elba won sexiest man alive.

I love him.

sexiest man alive

Talk about a gorgeous man.

sexiest man alive again


He does make my heart go pitter patter.



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Poor Ava~   Leave a comment

My precious baby girl is sick now.

I was so hoping she wouldn’t get it but alas…..she has the flu.

She has had diarrhea four times today and has done some projectile vomiting twice now.

I feel so badly for her.

She is in a happy mood though so I am grateful for that.

Love her so much.



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Flu~   Leave a comment

I have the flu, or should I say I am on the backside of the flu.

I vomited three times last night over night and have been sick and weak ever since.


I hate getting sick as I know everyone does.

My grand daughter Bailey had it last Thursday and Friday.

Her mother my daughter Emily had it on Sunday and yesterday and then I had it last night and today.


Sure hope we are done with it and Paula didn’t get it since she was here this last weekend, or Keira and Kayla don’t get it.

Of course Aaron living with Bailey he could get it too and then of course our three month old Ava, it would be very hard for her to get it.


Just makes me very thankful that I am healthy 99% of the time.


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Weekend off with grandchildren~   Leave a comment

I am not working this weekend, but I have had my three youngest grandchildren since eleven thirty today and will have them till three or after tomorrow and two more as well

Ava and Bailey are sleeping, Aaron is playing fore night on his TV and while I feel tired I am not ready for bed because Aaron isn’t and I need Ava to eat again before she sleeps all night, though I may not wake her up

She hardly slept today, and is sleeping deeply now so

I am not sure I will wake her….

Chances are though she will wake up hungry later….

And she is sleeping on the bed and not in her bed like she should be


We are at their house instead of mine because Aaron wanted to be home

This use to be my house until four years ago when we sold it to my daughter and her husband

They have changed everything

Every room and all walls are dark colors where when I had it, everything was light and bright

I prefer it lighter and brighter but it isn’t mine to decorate any more


God willing it will be a good restful night



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Snow~   Leave a comment


a past coworker bought a house in Colorado and posted a picture today of his snow covered back yard.

I am not quite ready for snow but it was beautiful as I think most snow days are.

I love winter.

Not real crazy about temperatures below zero or ice but I do love winter.

Love it’s beauty and crispness



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Game Of Thrones~   Leave a comment

I finally got my eldest son to start watching the above titled show.

So he watched most of season one today.

I gave him seasons two and three to borrow and watch and then he can have the other seasons when he is done with those three.

sean bean as eddard stark


It isn’t a show for every one.
It takes place in medieval times and has a lot of violence, sex and a bit of sorcery in it.

Anyone who has seen the show knows its characters and loves/hates certain ones.

I loved Eddard Stark who was played by Sean Bean and is pictured above.

But my most favorite character is Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

He is magnificent in every scene and basically steals the show.

I love him.


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Presents, gifts and spending money~   Leave a comment

We my husband and I have decided to have a very low key Christmas and spend very little on our kids and grandkids this year.

No one needs a thing.

I ordered my husband’s present but the rest are just getting money.

They want for nothing and my grandchildren want for nothing.

They all will get $50 each and we will call it good.

In the past I gave the kids and their spouses $100 each and spent closer to $150 on the grandkids.

But not anymore.

As I said they want for nothing and we don’t have the money like we use to.

It is what it is and it is the way it is going to be.

christmas tree

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Halloween~   Leave a comment

I hate Halloween.

I think it is a worthless day and a stupid occasion.

I know I am in the minority but I do hate this occasion.

You can’t even call it a holiday because it is just so damn dumb.

I find it amazing how adults find so much joy in this day.

Totally worthless and a waste of time…..


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