Weekend off with grandchildren~   Leave a comment

I am not working this weekend, but I have had my three youngest grandchildren since eleven thirty today and will have them till three or after tomorrow and two more as well

Ava and Bailey are sleeping, Aaron is playing fore night on his TV and while I feel tired I am not ready for bed because Aaron isn’t and I need Ava to eat again before she sleeps all night, though I may not wake her up

She hardly slept today, and is sleeping deeply now so

I am not sure I will wake her….

Chances are though she will wake up hungry later….

And she is sleeping on the bed and not in her bed like she should be


We are at their house instead of mine because Aaron wanted to be home

This use to be my house until four years ago when we sold it to my daughter and her husband

They have changed everything

Every room and all walls are dark colors where when I had it, everything was light and bright

I prefer it lighter and brighter but it isn’t mine to decorate any more


God willing it will be a good restful night



Posted November 3, 2018 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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