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My Song To Ava~   Leave a comment

Ava, Ava Marie, don’t you know how wonderful you are to me?
Your beautiful eyes, your cute little nose…….Nana loves you all the way to your toes

Miss Ava, Ava Marie, don’t you know how beautiful you are to me?
I love you so much my sweat pea

Miss AAAAva, AAAAva  AAAva Marie.

I sing in to the tune of Mr Sandman.

Most of the time she smiles when I sing it to her.

I made up songs for the other four grandkids too when they were little but I can’t remember them now…..


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Winding down……   Leave a comment

My two sons, my daughter Emily and my daughter in law Crystal are all dieting and whomever loses the most weight by December 31st wins the jack pot which is $500

I am in the race too but I have to say I don’t have any incentive to lose.

If it was spring time I may be more motivated.

I know, five hundred dollars should be motivation enough.

I know….

I am just fat and lazy.

But it would bed AWESOME to win the money.

I doubt I will do it but…….it is winding down to November first so if I am going to do it I should get started.



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Like A Snap Of The Fingers~   Leave a comment

I went to work at five fifty am on Saturday morning and was so tired that night that I barely made it home let alone look around…….

I did the same on Sunday and it was nearly dark when I came home last night……

But the reason I bring this up is……I swear this tree was still green on Friday.

And here three days later it is like this.

front yard tree

It sits in our front yard and I am amazed how yellow it has become.

How in the hell did that happen over night?

Like a snap of the fingers it all changes……


I love this time of the year though…..

So beautiful.


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