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I don’t know why~   Leave a comment

So after working twelve hours I am very hot and sweaty.

So sweaty that I will have to bathe before I go to bed….. the problem is…..I do not feel clean and will shower again when I get up in the morning.

I can not go all day not showering.

Or if I do, I feel crappy all day long.

I know, weird and I can’t even explain why I feel this way.

I have always been like this.

But if I went to bed tonight without showering I will be hot and sweaty and miserable all night feeling gross.

It is a no win situation.

I can’t explain any of it.

I know, I am just weird.



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The Next Twelve Days~   2 comments

I have the next twelve days off.

Yeah, yippee……I wish I was going on vacation some where but alas…..I am watching grandchildren…..

Not that I mind, I love them dearly but I would love to be heading on vacation.

Just seems weird to have that many days off and staying home.

But since I watch grandchildren full time not sure when I will get a vacation ……..

two ten.jpg

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Body Aches~   Leave a comment

Yeah this fat old body aches tonight.

My right knee is giving me fits causing me to walk with a limp and that in turn makes my hips hurt.


It just plain and simply hurts to walk.

This getting old….


flag and sunset


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