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Ava~   Leave a comment

My youngest grand daughter Ava is so spoiled.

I love her dearly don’t get me wrong.

She is incredible and precious and I adore her.

But her mother especially spoiled her so much that she wants to be held while she sleeps.

I have tried to get her to sleep elsewhere but in my arms but she instantly wakes up and cries if I don’t pick her up right away.

I do let her cry every now and then.

But it is hard for me because she is my last grandchild and I do adore her.

Yes I spoil her too.

four three



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Time Literally Flies~   Leave a comment

I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already.

I don’t know where the time goes.

It just simply flies.

In a week it will be Halloween and then November first……

How is that possible?

I find even when I work the days still seem to fly by.

Just insane.

On another note I love this weather and this time of year…..

seven four

God just smiles on Iowa this time of year.




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